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AGA Cleaning

So you want to be a pro at AGA Cleaning?

Or you want to just be able to clean yours, So read on for AGA cleaning tips, Well as we know aga ovens stay on all of the time and the internals are mostly made from stone so thats the best oven to cook that nice yummy stone bake pizza, Hmmmm.

The first thing you need is hot soapy water and a green scouring sponge, Go to town working on the inside ensuring to keep it wet, You could also use a wire brush but not a hard bristle one unless you are happy Wirth scratching the inside.

If you start to struggle then there is no shame in hiring a professional but if you are still confident then the racks need to go in your sink filled with hot soapy water, Use a wire wool to scrub them clean.

The Seals of the AGA Oven

Most oven seals are made from rubber and are easily replaceable however on the Aga’s that is nine out of ten times not the case, These are made from metal or wire and are glued in place, Very difficult to clean, My advice fine wire brushes is the way to go there.Another good way to keep the door linings clean is to wipe them after cooking and when the AGA is off and the linings are cool, so that splashes do not get baked on.

The Dials on Aga Cooker

As mentioned above, The dials or knobs of the cooker can be covered in grease and will be in need of a good soak in soapy water or a quick period of soaking in a degreaser. They may also have been melted or burned from the heat coming out of the top of the doors if the seals are not good anymore, In that case you would have to purchase new dials. But some models have no dials at all and the entire appliance just stays hot all of the time.

aga oven cleaning

Stone Baked Grease

With AGA’s you may find the grease is baked on and almost charcoal in the main ovens. Try wire brushes which are dry before you start with the soapy wet water process as this may make it a little easier. Now when you get your new AGA cooker and it is switched on for the first time, you will need to perform a ‘burn off’ process as suggested by AGA themselves, to remove any oils used during the manufacturing process. You will also need to switch the ovens of your AGA cooker on full heat to literally burn off the oils. This can take between 4 and 8 hours. You will know when this process is complete as you will no longer be able to smell the odour from the oils. If your cooker is brand new then following the burn-off process should help keep you from inhaling or consuming those oils. Also remember to ‘season’ your ovens weekly for a 6 week period.