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Carpet Cleaner Southampton

At the Carpet Cleaner Southampton, we are sure to be the best bet when you have any cleaning issues with your rugs or carpets. We have an extremely powerful machine to pull the dirt and soil out of the pile of a carpet.

We have extensive experience and training in the specialist cleaning of fibers with upholstery and carpets and our advice to you would be not to put anything at all on a stain as whatever you use may react with our chemicals and cause major damage to your carpets.

Our operatives are more than happy to give advice on any matters regarding the cleaning of your carpet and can give you tips even if you do not want to bring us in to sort it out for you.

We are very competitive in the market and our prices are as low as £40 per room and you even get the stairs and hall for free! We have worked closely with companies like Carpet Cleaner Southampton in helping them in cleaning properties for the social care department in the Southampton General Hospital where we had to excel in being a good carpet cleaner Southampton.

a Carpet Cleaner in Southampton removing heavy soiling

Heavy Soil Removal

Our machines are powerful enough to remove the worst soiling on any carpet, We will take before and after pictures to show you just how good we are

a Carpet Cleaner cleaning stains

Spot Stain Removal

We provide carpet stain removal services at a low cost per stain. make sure you tell our office staff what the stain is so our operatives bring the correct chemicals with them on the day

carpet Cleaner Southampton track marks

Bad Odour Removal

We use the best deodoriser chemicals to rid your property of even the worst smells and that is all included in the price of a standard service at your property

At the carpet cleaner southampton, We are committed to delivering the highest levels of professionalism to all of our private and commercial clients for Carpet Extraction cleaning services in Southampton and across the South of England. Building on our excellent reputation and high regard for Clean Checker UK, we are very excited with the positive feedback we have received from many of our happy customers. So whatever specialist advice for fabric and soft furnishing cleaning you may require, we look forward to dealing with your enquiry. While many people wish that a DIY approach to cleaning would be enough, it’s a frustrating realisation that removing a stain from a carpet or a dirt mark from a sofa or dust build-up from your home or workspace is tedious and may not rid the pile of that stain.

At our company, we strongly believe in providing every single one of our customers with a very high-quality and professional deep clean carpet service with a focus on customer satisfaction.  With these goals in mind, every one of the operatives on our team of professional carpet cleaners has been fully trained and insured, as well as undergoing continuous training by a leading training provider, ensuring that we can provide work of only the highest quality.  We also take great pride in the work that we do in Southampton and always strive to go above and beyond for the needs and expectations of our customers. We also provide a whole range of other services to our local customers, including a host of house cleans, oven cleaning and much more and as a testament to that we think that no job is too big or too small for our team and we can do it all. All of our work comes with a complete quality guarantee and is completely insured, so you know that your satisfaction is a top goal. Over the years that we have been in this business, we’ve developed the very best and most effective carpet cleaning methods, that work every time and deliver constant results at an amazing standard. After taking a look at each individual job and carefully deliberating on how to proceed with the needs of your carpet, we will begin by applying a pre-spray treatment to help with the lifting of stains as well as brightening. From here we will then move on to spot and stain removal, removing even the trickiest stains, before moving on to hot water extraction.

Carpet Cleaner Southampton
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