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Carpet Cleaner Services

We provide expert carpet cleaner extraction cleaning or wet carpet cleaning in Southampton. Our company can remove stains and leave your carpet looking and smelling a fresh as a daisy.

Our business uses the most powerful machine on earth and has brand-name chemicals to use alongside the impressive equipment. This is the best place to find a carpet cleaner in the city of Southampton. Contact us to make a booking.

Carpet cleaners van
One of our Carpet Cleaning Vehicles

We are running a special offer at the moment…

When you book more than two rooms to be cleaned then you will receive the stairs and/or hall for free, That becomes a good deal from a reliable Carpet Cleaner.

Now if you spill your wine or your coffee, or Maybe your pet has urinated on the carpet then do not use anything on the stain at all until we get there. Shop-bought chemicals may react with our chemicals and make it worse. Be sure to tell our office what stain it is so our operatives can bring the right chemicals.

Things that can accidentally cause staining on your carpet or rug…

Please note that the legs on furniture if wet can cause a stain. Plants that are even in pots, and wiring when wet can cause marks on your carpet. So it’s best to get advice from our guys when they arrive.

Don’t be worried about items being placed back down on the carpet after your service as we have pads we can place down.

Also if our staff require more water on site then they will ask for ideally hot water for a quicker drying time but if the cold is only available then the average dry times are 1-2 hours if hot and 4-8 hours if cold.

Ventilation after the service would be a good idea to avoid slight mold buildup on the walls from moisture in the property.

Now you may think about just cleaning a carpet yourself in which you could get a bowl or small bucket, mix one part white vinegar with three parts water. Dip bristles of a scrub brush into the mix and rub them very slightly into the carpet. Massage them into the fibers well but without making the carpet excessively wet and follow up with a cloth to help blot the excess moisture. Do not under any circumstances scrub a carpet as you will spread a stain. you can also try soaking a plain white towel and placing it on a stain then use a hot iron and press firmly, It will steam, The idea is to instantly heat the water in the towel to transfer the stain onto the towel from the carpet. Keep raising the iron to make sure it is not burning the towel or carpet. If these ways do not work then you will have to call a professional carpet cleaning service.