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Christmas Cooking and Energy

When it comes to Christmas Cooking and Energy saving its a tough one and we all know it’s been a tough few years with no easing ahead of us yet. There has been a massive rise in purchasing of air fryers, But will that help you at Christmas when you have to cook a big roast dinner and will it help you save energy on a normal day? We have the answer…

Christmas cooking and energy

An air fryer works in the exact same way as a normal oven, It has the same heating element that an oven has, The little difference it that it blows the air away from the food instead of directing it at the food, But the air blows away, Hits the edges of the machine and circulates around to the opposite side of the food and then back through the fan again. The only reason you could possibly save energy and in turn money it only because an air fryer is so much smaller and therefore has a smaller space to have the heat up. Is an air fryer going to help you at Christmas, The answer is of course no, You need a lot of space and you will more than likely need the hob running swell as the oven. Also if you are wondering how much money do you actually save by buying an air fryer, The answer is none, In fact you are spending more. Let me explain, You already have an oven at home, lets say you are paying 50p to heat it that oven and cook your dinner, That’s £182.50 a year, Most air fryers cost around £100 or more and then even if they cost half the amount of energy to heat up, Say 25p, That’s £91.25 so in total you have spent £191.25 to use something that does not have as much space to cook big dinners. Christmas cooking and energy saving techniques is what most people will be looking at this year.

We would say stick to using your main oven for now, Especially for that roast dinner of the happiest day of the year. Oh and when you oven is dirty, Contact your local trusted oven cleaner to make it look new again.