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Compare Oven Cleaners

Welcome to our blog post on how to compare oven cleaners, Whether its comparing oven cleaning services or comparing oven cleaning chemicals then we can advise you on what to look out for.

If it’s oven cleaning services you are comparing…

  1. Look at their social media and check the before and after photos, Check to see that their business card, leaflet or uniform is in the picture also otherwise it could be an indicator that they have taken photos from other websites and are not qualified to achieve the results of a professional.
  2. Ask what they do, For example, Do they take the oven apart, do they clean the roof, do they take things out to a dip tank or do they use your kitchen sink.
  3. Ask if the chemicals are safe for pets and children, Though they might not tell you the exact chemical they can assure you of its safety and tell you if they are insured.
  4. Cheapest is not always best, Dirt cheap oven cleaning services are more than likely one man bands with shop bought chemicals, Up to you but you get what you pay for usually.

If it’s one cleaning chemicals you are comparing…

  1. Caustic chemicals are a big no, no.9 out of ten times a person will spray their oven with a chemical, they wash it all off with water, great right, WRONG, they forget that the chemical has dripped down the back of the back plate and gone on the element, Then its left there to eat away at the material then a few weeks later your oven is broken.
  2. the oven pride cleaning bags are ok but be careful not to burn yourself or leave anything in there too long, Not to mention the cast aluminium bits from your hob will go cloudy regardless.
  3. Bio degradable is the way to go, Just heat your oven up first to activate it.
  4. Hot soapy water, scraper and a wire wool is the best way to clean inside the oven.

We hope that has helped you compare oven cleaners.

compare oven cleaners