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free oven clean
free oven clean

Nothing is free in this world including a free oven clean. But we do give you oven cleaning services for free for life as long as you put our website address and logo on your vehicle.

No, You will get the best service, The same as everyone else. We want you to be happy with our services and spread the word.

Yes, After all you can’t expect us to clean your oven everyday for nothing or clean your friends ovens for free. But you can call us anytime for life to book a cooker clean for free. A maximum of six callouts per year.

Yes, You do not have to pay a single penny. We don’t even take any payment details or get you to sign anything.

You can cancel anytime and remove the signage from your vehicle yourself. However if you remove the signage within 30 days after they have been applied you will be charged whatever it cost us to have them applied by the signage company.

You have to wait 30 days from the date the signage is placed on your vehicle. This is to stop people claiming the oven clean and removing the signs the next day. The signage costs a large amount of money to place on your vehicle so we want to keep it on there for as long as possible which is why you can keep claiming oven cleans for as long as you like.

So let’s talk about the terms and conditions. Yes, It is a free oven clean service for life as long as you have our company name and web address on both side of you Car or Van. You do not have to pay anything, We will cover the signage application and will give you up top six oven cleans a year as long as the signs are still on your vehicle. The Vehicle has to be taxed and insured, This is to make sure our signs are not placed on a scrap vehicle that never drives on the roads as we need our signage to be seen to help cover the cost of doing your cooker for free. If you remove the signs from your vehicle within the first 30 days of them being on there, You will be charged for the signage costs. You cannot claim your first free oven clean until after 30 days after the signs have been placed on your vehicle. You can have up to six cleans a year and each time we attend, We will need to see the vehicle before we start, A picture or video will not be acceptable. We work in conjunction with the DMZ Group UK. We will also periodically check the tax and insurance status of vehicles to ensure they are still being driven on the roads. You can find out more by speaking with our office team on 07562507398 or contact the oven cleaners here.