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Hob Grate Cleaning Techniques

Cleaning the oven is one of life’s most tedious tasks and the Hob and the Hob Grate is no exception. Once we have finished using the appliances, It’s easy to close the oven door and not think about all the mess that gets left behind. After a while, the grease and grime start to build up making it very difficult to clean. But, don’t worry, we have put together some Hob cleaning techniques to make life easier for you.

Firstly try putting the bits of the hob through the dishwasher and if that fails then try soaking them in the sink. Then a wire brush or wire wool to scrub the hard to remove deposits off. Use washing up liquid or baking soda to try to help loosen the grime and to finish off use a hob grate paste paint to get them to the black colour they were when they were new.

You could also try lemon and baking soda as this mixture is very similar to the baking soda and vinegar solution, however using lemon instead of vinegar. Both mixtures are completely natural, some people may prefer to avoid the strong scent of vinegar by using lemons instead. The method also remains exactly the same, the lemons are highly acidic so they will work just as well as the vinegar.