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How much does oven cleaning cost?

Average Price

£55 – £150

How much does oven cleaning cost?

Does your oven need cleaning? Read our must see guide to find out how much a professional oven cleaner will charge for their services in the UK.

Reasons to have your oven professionally cleaned…

The combination of food spilling over the side and high temperatures means your oven will soon become dirty. Not only are most filthy ovens unsightly, but they can pose health and safety risks too. While you might be tempted to clean your oven yourself, It can be very difficult to remove stubborn grime without the right products or equipment. So that is why it’s a good idea to call in a professional oven cleaning team instead. 

Oven cleaners work on commercial and residential ovens, including standard ovens, range ovens, hobs, and more. The process begins by removing any trays or racks from inside the oven, which will be soaked in a dip tank containing a cleaning solution. Your technician will then manually scrub and remove dirt from within the oven itself, and give any external surfaces a clean. Once everything has been cleaned, your oven will be put back together so that it’s ready to use.  As well as removing any potential fire hazards, a clean oven will enhance the taste of your food, and be more energy efficient. Clean ovens are also more pleasant to use and will make your kitchen look cleaner too.

So how much does Oven cleaning cost? 

The cost of oven cleaning ranges between £55 and £150 per job depending on the level of cleaning required and the type of oven you have. With us a standard single oven is on the lower scale as we try to be the cheapest. The job may be priced hourly or as a fixed fee but most oven cleaning companies charge per appliance. Oven cleaning can involve the cleaning of backsplashes, hobs, extractors as well as the inside of the oven itself. The more aspects you wish to include, the longer it will take to clean and the more it will cost. If you can’t clean it yourself, then maybe think about hiring companies like The Oven Cleaners. It’s important to clean your oven regularly to maintain the hygiene and safety within your home or business. Given it’s a specialist job, having your oven cleaned by a professional will remove all the stress and hassle. Plus, you can be sure the job will be done properly, which is more likely to happen when the person has been doing it for many years.