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“How to clean my own oven?”

‘Use a razor blade scraper with washing up liquid and water in a spray bottle to clean your oven. stay away from caustic chemicals.’

How many times have you asked that question? How much have you spent on the caustic harsh chemicals from the supermarket and are still struggling to get your oven looking amazing? Well, We have good news for you. Our operatives have decided to give you an experienced tutorial on how to do it yourself. if you still struggle after our instructions then book one of our fully trained operatives to come to you and bring your oven or cooker to look like new.

First things first, Don’t run to the shops to buy as many chemicals as you can get your hands on, this may even void your warranty and even break your oven. let me explain, Casustic chemicals such as mr muscle & oven pride I have found in my many years of cleaning experience that these chemicals tend to burn through heating elements. Some manufacturers void your warranty if white residue is found anywhere within the appliance. I once went to a customer’s house and they had left the racks, baking tray & cast iron hob bits in a bag of oven pride chemical, they left these in for a number of days and there was nothing left of them, they fell apart into dust when I opened the bag. All you need is water, washing up liquid, steel pot scourer & a scraper.

“We have cleaned more ovens, than you have had hot dinners”

Ok maybe not that many but hundreds of thousands, so it makes sense to listen to what I am writing. So first step is to heat your oven to 50 degrees Celsius, Hot but not too hot to put your hands inside, Spray water mixed with washing up liquid inside to oven on the base, sides & door. Take care not to spray on the back element, top element & leave the bulb cover on to avoid an electrical shock by water getting inside the light socket.
Make sure your scraper is an oven or window scraper with a brand new razor blade placed into it. You can then scrape debris & grime off of the door glass, base and sides. Do not use a wire wool or metal pot scourer on the glass as it will scratch. Be sure to take care not to apply too much pressure to the glass as some models tend to separate from the glue holding them in place and the glass will fall out. After this process of removing the large raised pieces of grease, you can then use your metal pot scourer to scrub inside the oven on the base & sides and lightly on the back panel. After this, wipe up with a microfibre cloth or kitchen roll.

We are always here to help!

If in doubt, Drop us an email and we will try to help where we can or call your local appliance cleaning service to see if they can help.

A example of our little oven cleaning helpers

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