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How to install an Oven

Do you need to know how to install an oven? Then we can help, First of all if it’s Gas then hire a ‘Gas Safe Engineer’ to cover yourself, If it’s electric then turn off the mains power at the fuse box, The oven should have it’s own RCD fuse but if in doubt turn everything off. then double check the appliance is off by checking the clock and even trying to turn on the oven itself, If it is off then you are good to go. Unscrew the two holding screws either side of the oven door seal if it’s an integrated oven, If it’s freestanding then gently pull the oven away from the wall to reveal the heavy duty wire going to the plastic white socket cover on the wall. The wire must be at least 6mm thick, Usually grey in colour and usually the flat kind, If it’s smaller than this then some cowboy must have installed it as the oven is a high power consuming appliance and I have seen the wire melt or explode in the past with smaller wires.

how to install an oven
Oven Wiring Socket
how to install an oven
RCD Fuse Box

Next you will need to unscrew the plastic cover on the socket on the wall which will reveal the earth (green/yellow), Live (Brown) and the Neutral (Blue) wires, Take a picture in case the socket does not have the L, N, E markings on the fitting. You can unscrew the little ,usually brass, screws and pull the wire away, Then put the new wire in place. If you are wiring from the oven end then you will need a small flat head screwdriver to pop the catch on the black plastic cover located on the back of the oven, That will let it hinge open, Loosen all screws and remove the wire and replace, Below are some images to help you understand and hopefully you understand how to install an oven now. If not then just give us a call and we can help talk you through it.

how to install an oven
Black plastic wiring cover on the back of an oven