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Living with an Oven Cleaner

Confessions of living with an oven cleaner come from one of the partner’s of one of the men who clean ovens on a daily basis.

“There is clear evidence that the large muscles and stamina on these fine specimen’s of men are due to the high heat and manual work involved in scrubbing the ovens hard. But trying to get my hunky husband oven cleaner to clean his own is a challenge. Don’t get me wrong, My partner is not the type to sit down on the couch and open a can of beer, He’s more like a alpha male lion pouncing on me once he walks through the door, Pinning me down and showing me what a bad girl I have been not cleaning the house as good as he cleans ovens during the day.”

‘As you can see, Erm, I guess it is a good lifestyle living with an oven cleaner, we wonder if it’s the same for builders, painters, carpet fitters, plumbers for example.’ Cleaning ovens for a living can be a very manual job and can indeed explain why muscles play a part as the scrubbing with scourers and blades over and over again can increase that muscle mass. Most oven cleaners are like people pleasers who want to ensure the ovens have been gone over with a fine tooth comb and come out of the process looking like brand new.

Many years ago the profession of oven cleaner was a lucrative one but in recent years with rising costs with supplies, chemicals and fuel and lots of people joining franchise’s, It is not a profitable business model anymore. the more oven cleaners there are, The lower the prices get, which of course is good for the customers but not good for the oven cleaner themselves. We have seen oven clean prices drop down to £19 per oven before, If you work out the hourly wage at minimum wage, plus fuel, plus chemicals used, Then you actually lose money at that price. “You make more money led in bed doing nothing” says one oven cleaner who ‘beats any quote’.