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Naked Oven Cleaner

The Naked Oven Cleaner services are exactly what you think, A professional oven cleaned by men in the buff, Our main man is athletic muscular build, Bald, and Beard, a typical lumberjack-style specimen of a man. we don’t provide female oven cleaners, For that you are best searching for ‘naked cleaners’ in general as most nude cleaning services offer more females than males.

The cost for our service is £150 per single oven, Larger ovens such as a range oven would be £170. This service takes around one hour and uses safe chemicals.

We cover up to a 100-mile radius of Southampton unless agreed with a travel allowance added. Now for some rules…

  • Payment by bank transfer must be made before or at arrival.
  • No photography is to be taken of the operative.
  • Touching the operative is at the operative’s discretion.
  • No more than three people may be watching the operative at any one time.
  • No under 18’s may be in the property while the service is being carried out.

This service can be booked by emailing or calling or texting 07562507398.

What does hiring a naked oven cleaner usually entail?

Hiring a naked oven cleaner typically involves contracting a professional who performs the cleaning service without clothing, offering a unique and novelty experience. The cleaner will undertake standard oven cleaning tasks, such as removing grease, burnt food, and grime, including cleaning the oven racks, door, and interior. It is crucial to ensure that the service provider follows professional cleaning standards and hygiene practices while implementing safety precautions due to the exposure to harsh chemicals and hot surfaces involved in oven cleaning.

Before proceeding, check the company’s policies on privacy, discretion, and conduct, ensuring the service is consensual and all parties are comfortable with the arrangement. Verify the legality of such services in your location, as laws and regulations regarding nudity and professional conduct vary, and consider the ethical implications and personal boundaries before engaging in these services.

These services might be priced higher than standard oven cleaning due to the novelty aspect. Inquire about the booking process, payment terms, and any additional fees. Research the reputation of the service provider or company by looking for reviews or testimonials from previous clients to ensure the service is reliable and professionally conducted.

It is essential to ensure that both you and the cleaner are comfortable with the arrangement, establishing clear communication about expectations, boundaries, and behavior. Some companies might offer additional services or packages, such as nude house cleaning, which can be discussed during the booking process. Approach this type of service with respect and professionalism, ensuring that it is conducted in a manner that is safe and agreeable for all involved parties.