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Oven Clean Floor Protection

The need for oven clean floor protection has never been needed so much as it is now as most kitchen floors are of marble or wood and are of a nice beautiful bespoke fitting, So we make sure we take the upmost care in protecting the kitchen floors from the grease and grime, Not to mention the chemicals from soaking into porous floors and damaging them. In our extensive experience we have had a few mishaps in the 15 years we have been cleaning ovens for, But have learned from those mistakes such as placing a spray bottle on a wooden sideboard, When the chemical drips down the bottle and onto the side creating a ring around the base of the bottle, In turn causing us to have to replace that work surface, Luckily for us, We used the DMZ Group to replace the sideboard at cost price to us as we work closely with them on bigger jobs. The oven clean floor protection that we use is a double lined blanket to ensures nothing passes through it and onto the flooring beneath, Also the blanket is soft so as safe to place the doors and glass down without risk of cracking or breaking them. If you are looking for an oven cleaner that makes sure your property is treated with respect then you need to contact us here where you will be more than happy with the service we can provide you. If however you do decide to clean your own cooker then make sure you protect the sides and floors as caustic shop bought chemicals with certainly damage those. Make sure that if you are doing your own appliance valet that you use a towel or blanket that you do not mind ruining and my advice is throw it out afterward to save the chemical going through your washing machine and recking all of your clothes on the next wash.

oven clean floor protection