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oven cleaner bitterne

Oven Cleaner Bitterne

Hello, I am one of the great contractors named Oven Cleaner Bitterne that covers that particular area of Southampton. I use the best equipment money can buy to leave your cooker looking new. I have over ten years of experience in all aspects of appliance care and like to think of myself as the go-to oven cleaner.

I cover all of the south of the UK and have a brand new van so no risk of me calling you to cancel your booking with the excuse of me breaking down, I always turn up, always make contact, and always do a good job. Just call our main office switchboard to book on 07562507398.

I use a large range of cleaning products that are both non-caustic and fume-free, I am fully trained and insured to clean your oven to the highest standards. I am well equipped to clean a wide variety of ovens and cooker models and guarantee that I will remove all kinds of tough oven grime and grease. I started cleaning ovens in 2005 and have worked hard to gain a positive reputation in my community.

So what is a full deep clean of your oven appliance? As we know with daily use ovens can get dirty very quickly, even when regularly cleaned. So you need me to make your oven look great and to make sure that it’s meeting any health and safety requirements if you have a professional food establishment, where this is important.  

I am highly experienced and can deal with ovens in all shapes and sizes. Unlike cheap bleaching chemicals you can find in the supermarket, my process uses cleaners that have a mix of chemicals tailored to your oven’s debris and the level of cleaning required. My oven cleaning service will work to a set price but depending on the appliance type and size, it could take between one to three hours to clean it out properly and I won’t leave until it’s finished. Oven cleaner Bitterne isn’t just the expert in scraping burnt debris and food, but instead a full clean of all panels, grill pans, glass, and hinges. When I have finished, there will not be any area of the oven left dirty, and small repairs can be carried out if needed, such as the replacement of oven lights, the cleaning of filters, the replacement of oven liners, and replacement sealant. Even cooker hood filters can be cleaned out and sanitized. All traces of carbon and grease will be cleaned away.

What else can the Oven Cleaner Bitterne do?

I like to think I can do many things but for this site I had better stick to the facts.

I also provide Carpet Extraction Cleaning in which I use one of the most powerful carpet cleaning machines on the planet to suck the dirt and grime out of the pile fabric of your floors. I have qualifications in this field and use digital ph testers to check the PH level of your carpets before and after your clean.

As you might not be aware using a rug doctor you can hire from a shop or using your tax home machine can actually damage your carpet. You need to use certain types of chemicals to keep your carpet good for a long time. The chemicals provided with the home machines are a ‘quick fix’ and may improve the visuals for a time but then you will have issues such as ‘carpet browning’ which is too much alkali left from chemicals or you may have the carpet shrinking from the edges as home machines are not powerful enough to pull most of the moisture out from the fabric. But enough about the scare tactics, by all means, use your own but if the carpet gets damaged then cannot fix it, However, if you use us first we are insured so just go to

End of Tenancy Cleaning

I also have a team of staff I can call upon when I need help cleaning a whole property ready for your checkout inspection for when you move house. We have a large checklist of everything an estate agent or letting agent would look for when you are trying to get your deposit back.

Just look at our end of tenancy cleaning services for more information on other property needs.

team at oven cleaner Bitterne working hard cleaning a kitchen and oven.

Information about Bitterne

Bitterne is a suburban area located on the eastern outskirts of Southampton, a major port city on the south coast of England. Historically, Bitterne was a separate village but has since been absorbed into the urban sprawl of Southampton. The town is characterized by a mix of residential areas, retail outlets, and green spaces.

Bitterne boasts a rich history, with evidence of human settlement dating back to the Roman era. The area has undergone significant development over the centuries, transitioning from its agricultural roots to a bustling urban center.

Today, Bitterne offers residents a range of amenities, including shops, restaurants, schools, and recreational facilities. It is well-connected to Southampton city center and other nearby areas via road and public transport links.

The community in Bitterne is diverse, comprising people from various backgrounds and walks of life. Local events and activities help foster a strong sense of community spirit among residents.

While Bitterne retains some of its historic charm, it has also embraced modernization, with ongoing efforts to enhance infrastructure and amenities for the benefit of its residents. Overall, Bitterne is a vibrant and thriving town with much to offer both residents and visitors alike.