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oven cleaner Coventry

Oven Cleaner Coventry

If you are looking for the Oven Cleaner Coventry then look no further as we are here and awaiting your contact to get to yours and clean the oven within an inch of its life. Our local expert oven cleaning services are your best option for an oven cleaning company in Coventry. We know all too well that cleaning your greasy oven is not your favourite job in your home, so why don’t you leave all that scrubbing to our expert oven cleaners? We work with the current equipment to deal with tough kitchen cleaning jobs. When you want your house to have a spotless and brand-new clean oven, call us or grab a quote by clicking the button below.

What parts of the oven we do clean

Using our van-mounted dip tank we can deep clean all removable parts of your oven, including side panels, rear panel, fan blade and bottom panel.  We will also deep-clean your oven racks shelves and liners.  The oven door glass can then be disassembled and cleaned – even between the glass where possible. The exterior panels of the oven are degreased, cleaned and polished to showroom standard.  Finally all knobs dials and buttons are removed, cleaned and polished. We also clean all stainless steel parts to restore the steel to its original shine. All tricky and hard-to-reach places can be reached using our technology that cannot be beaten. We know how important it is to have your oven, Cooker or Range professionally cleaned to remove all traces of carbon and grease build up to eliminate smells and smoke. Oven cleaning is a messy and laborious job and not a job most people enjoy.  By removing your oven parts and cleaning them in our specially equipped van, there is no mess in your home and children or pets are safe nearby. We also can provide end of tenancy cleaning if you are moving home.