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oven cleaner Exeter

Oven Cleaner Exeter

At the Oven Cleaner Exeter, We put you the customer firsthand it comes to the cleaning of your cooker. Our cleaning technicians are fully trained, friendly and professional. We make use of chemical free, non toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products for a safe and thorough cleanse. Our technicians have the equipment and the techniques to give your oven a fresh lease of life.

Top rated Oven Cleaning Services in Exeter

As you can tell from our images, We do an amazing job at oven cleaning. That’s not only what we can do as we also offer carpet cleaning from our sister site.

oven cleaner Exeter

Our oven cleaning technician will come equipped with high quality equipment and safe cleaning solutions. They will then cover the area around the oven with sheets and then dismantle the oven seal, door, racks and back panels. They will then dip each component in a dip tank and leave them to soak for the grease to dissolve. They will then scrub the insides of your oven to remove any toxic carbon reside or oil stains. We make use of high quality wired brushes and sponges along with chemical free degreaser. Once the components are soaked, we will polish them, dry them and put them back on the appliance. Finally, we will give your oven a thorough shine using a safe polishing solution. We will then inspect your oven to ensure it is performing to perfection. Our dedication to our service means that we research each and every product we use to find the best solution to your oven cleaning needs. Our low odour, Eco based cleaning products have been tested to remove the stubborn, burnt in carbon and grease that is usually increasingly hard to remove. So do not delay, Contact us now for us to beat any quote.