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oven cleaner Liverpool

Oven Cleaner Liverpool

A the Oven Cleaner Liverpool, We are experts at beating prices of our competitors and providing the best oven cleaning services to date. Oven Cleaning service such as ours is an independent family-run franchise company. We pride ourselves on a friendly, efficient and complete service. Starting from your call and finishing with a super clean appliance. We will strip your cooker of pan racks and hob centres and put them in a dip tank in the back of our van, we will also strip the oven of all racks, trays and light covers and also put in the dip tank. We then remove the oven door and split the glass for cleaning. We use only blades, scourers and eco friendly de-greaser inside your oven. Items from the dip tank, when clean, are rinsed with fresh water (from our in van tank) dried, polished and then re-assembled with the door inside your home. Hey Presto! Your cooker looks showroom new again! 

Also need your carpets cleaned fresh? Then use our sister company for amazing results and clean carpets. With us, you can be assured of a safe, hygienic and fume-free environment whilst our fully trained oven cleaning specialists remove all grease, fat and burnt on carbon deposits from a range of kitchen appliances, The result being a professional deep oven clean that will leave your oven in pristine condition. If you have a look around at other cleaning companies you will see that some of them only provide cleaning for domestic and commercial ovens. But here at with us, we cover a whole host of appliances both domestically and commercially. We are proud to of built a business on word-of-mouth recommendations and regular repeat business but we are also proud of the investment and hard work we put into excellent customer service and after sales care for our customers and clients, as we believe by offering a great service, coupled with excellent customer service and after sales care, you will want to work with us again in the future.