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Oven Cleaner Prices

To find out more about our oven cleaner prices, You will have to request an Oven Clean Quote here. An average oven clean price before the 2020 pandemic was between £35-£60 but since the massive inflation in the world the cost is usually between £60-£120 and with the cost of a new oven rising also, it is still worth every penny even at that price to make your appliance look new.

oven cleaner prices

Why is oven cleaning expensive?

Why is oven cleaning so expensive you ask, Well you have to account for the expertise of taking an oven apart, The fan, back plate, door, side’s and more, Then the cost of an average oven cleaning dip tank is around £2000-£3000, Then the chemicals are around £50 for a 5 litre of the best safe eco friendly products, then the tools, Then wages, Insurance, Fuel, vehicle and much more. So you can see that it costs a company a massive amount just to arrive at your property to clean an oven. Most oven cleaner prices try to stay as low as possible, You do indeed get what you pay for and also be on the lookout for before and after pictures with no business card or leaflet in the picture itself as they are more than likely taken from other oven cleaners websites to be passed off as their own works. We have seen this on many occasions and a big amount of single oven cleaners tend to do a good job on the visible sections of the oven rich as the glass and base but not the side or the roof. Just ask the end of tenancy Cleaner Southampton where they are forever fixing the mistakes of cowboy cleaners.