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Oven Cleaning Franchise

How much is an oven cleaning franchise?


  1. Do you forward me work?

Yes, We only have one franchise per city and any jobs that come through to us for that city is forwarded to you.

2. How much money can I make?

The great thing about our oven cleaning franchise is that the business model we provide is tried and tested, and has been refined over 20+ years of experienced franchising. Depending on your ambitions, rewards for hard-working franchisees are unlimited. It is a proven business model and some franchisee’s earn up to £60,000 a year without breaking a sweat.

3. Do I need experience?

No, We give you an extensive training course that will put you above the rest.

4. Can I change my mind?

Yes of course, But once the vehicle and dip tank have been paid for, The only way you could pull out is for us to find a new franchisee who wants to take on your area before we can issue a full refund.

5. What other franchise opportunities are there?

We are partners in other franchise companies such as The Carpet Cleaners based out of Southampton, Also an end of tenancy cleaning franchise which may interest you.

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