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Heard that some oven cleaners have closed down? is that true? “anonymous” on 15/01/2022

The latest news is that of the guys at where they specialise in Oven Cleaning and they have stated that there is s shortage of new ovens coming into the UK due to Brexit and the pandemic. The shipping companies have raised the average cost of a shipping container from an estimated £2000 to £14,000 which is of course unsustainable for the economy. So companies such as Currys PC World are trying to sell their stock that is already currently in the country. If the shipping costs do not come back down then the cost of a new appliance will be unaffordable for the majority of the residents of the UK. “The Oven Cleaners UK” on 10/01/2022

Shop bought oven cleaning chemicals! These are the ones you should stay away from as the caustic residue tends to burn through elements like no tomorrow. This has been witnessed by many oven cleaners when they are called to fix the mess a customer makes trying to clean it themselves. It’s becoming very common and needs to be addressed, For all we know the manufacturers could be in on this as a way to make more sales when an oven goes wrong. But for our guys we take broken ovens, repair them and sell them back out with a short warranty. “The Oven Warehouse” on 4/1/2022

Cleaning of the new slide and hide ovens. I have worked as a oven cleaner for a few years and always seem to struggle taking apart an oven door on those slide and hide ovens. We can just about get them apart using a flathead screwdriver inside the side sections. I have discovered that by pulling the handle up when reinserting the door onto the hinges helps a lot. “John Threadgold Oven Services” on 13/12/2021

Trouble with a Dip Tank. We unfortunately have had to use customers sinks for a while as our dip tank sprung a leak. Using our chemicals in their sinks was of course not professional but we made do. The problem was the hell of a mess it made in their kitchens. Word of advice to all out there, Use a bucket instead, Outside, lol. But by all means contact me if you have a similar issue with your dip tank, I am at “Ceep Clear Cleaning” on 17/11/2021

What you need in an oven cleaning kit. You need some oven cleaner of course. Then a scraper blade, microfibre cloths, wire wool and scourer. That should be sufficient enough to get the job done. I wanted to add my input on here as im thinking of selling kits on eBay as I used to work with a oven cleaning guy. “anonymous” on 15/11/2021

Oven Cleaner in Southampton. I am one of the many oven cleaners that work in Southampton in the south of the UK. Am I the only one finding it hard to get work as going into peoples homes in the pandemic is a touchy subject and people are quite worried. I wear all the correct PPE and due to have my jabs but work is slowing down. Also everything has shot up ion price so we have to put our prices up aswell. “Happy Oven Cleaners Southampton” on 29/10/2021

Im not sure about astonish? I see what the last post on this blog was about and im not so sure, did not work for me. Nothing can beat a professional clean by a company. Just my view anyway. “J Miles” on 2/10/2021

I love the astonish. I have found that the astonish cream you can buy in the shops seems to be great for my hob and oven. Ive had no problems in cleaning my own oven. “anonymous” on 1/10/2021

I don’t like cleaning my oven that’s why I need a new woman ha ha ha. “anonymous” on 27/9/2021

I had some great couple of guys come out and clean my Range master oven and it looks like new. Not something I could do myself I think. I would always get those guys back in anytime. “mrs sheila mcdoughtry” on 12/9/2021

I use the guys at and they seem to do a great job with my oven clean in Portsmouth. “anonymous” on 7/10/2022

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