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dirty oven before the work of the oven wizards

Oven Wizards Cleaning Services that is as magical as Hogwarts.

You could almost say we are like oven wizards when we take a magic wand to your cooker and make it look sparkling new again. We could even do it blindfolded, Yes, Thats right we really can. So, You want to know how to get a dirty oven up to the shine it deserves. Firstly, You can call us to do it for you and we can beat any price so we will not break the bank. If not then read on for some oven cleaning tips.

oven wizards

How you can clean your oven

You will have to take your oven apart to clean in the gaps and edges. Use sponges, scrapers and wire wools with hot soapy water but stay away from any caustic chemicals even though the world tells you to use them. Then use kitchen towels to dry and buff the glass to a shine. if you struggle then you can always look at our tips page to help you.

You might be thinking why do i need oven wizards when I have a self cleaning oven? Well self cleaning pyrolytic ovens reduce food soiling to ash with exposure to temperature around 500 °C. The oven walls are coated with a rough material that is near impossible to clean and cannot be put in a dip tank. The safety of self-cleaning ovens has been widely debated. A self-cleaning oven is designed to stay locked until the high temperature process is completed. To prevent possible burn injuries, a mechanical interlock is used to keep the oven door locked and closed during and immediately after the high-temperature cleaning cycle, which lasts approximately three hours, These is rather long and even after that time has passed, It is still not clean. We can clean an oven in 30 minutes and at most 2 hours. Going back to Self cleaning ovens, They usually have more insulation than standard ovens to reduce the possibility of fire and apparently insulation also reduces the amount of energy needed for normal cooking. Self cleaning ovens are considered more convenient and time saving, However, because of the high temperatures, they produce smoke and require a high amount of energy. A typical 150 minute cycle will require more than 3 kWh of electricity and as of 2022 with the rising electricity bills, This is not a good bet. According to most professionals, the triggering of smoke alarms can be avoided by regular usage of the self-cleaning program.

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