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Questions about Oven Cleaning

Q. My questions about oven cleaning start with, what chemicals do you use?

A. We use biodegradable no fume chemicals in the oven and in our dip tanks.

Q. How long does it take to clean an oven?

A. On average it takes 30 minutes with two staff members but it can take up to two hours to clean a oven.

Q. Why can’t I just use a shop bought product and do it myself?

A. Most cleaning products in the shop would be of a caustic nature and tend to damage surfaces.

Q. What if you scratch my oven?

A. The material inside an oven is very tough so it is possible to even use drill’s with wire brush attachments to clean. As for the glass, We do not use anything abrasive on those, We let the chemical do the work.

Q. Are there hidden extras that I have to pay for?

A. No, All of the Oven and all the racks in it are included. Baking trays would be extra. We hope that answers one of your questions about oven cleaning.

Q. Does it leave a bad smell?

A. No, Our chemicals are odourless.

Q. Are you insured in case you break my cooker?

A. Yes indeed we are fully insured if the worst were to happen.

Q. Are your chemicals dangerous to me or my family?

A. No they are safe. I could drink the chemical straight, not that I would want to.

Q. Do you protect my kitchen?

A. Yes we ensure a protective layer is placed on the floor under the oven.

Q. How can I book a slot to have my oven cleaned?

A. If you contact us at then our office team will be happy to book you in.

Q. Do you have some pictures of your most recent jobs for an idea of the finished product?

A. yes of course, This oven was from today…

Examples of our workmanship

Questions about Oven Cleaning before
Questions about Oven Cleaning after

Q. Have you got any references?

A. Yes we have thousands. You can also check our over the internet at our reviews. And contact where we provide cleans for their service plans.