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tlc oven cleaning

Looking for some TLC Oven Cleaning? Look no further as we do provide tender loving care when we perform oven cleaning services in Southampton and the surrounding areas.

We clean everything in your cooker from the glass, the racks, the door, the seals, the fan, the back plate, the side, top and bottom. No ‘Half a Jobs’ here. We use dip tanks in our vans and our staff have at least 10 years of experience each.

How often you use your oven will impact how often you should clean it. For a busy family that cooks regularly, Then a general rule of thumb is to scrub it once every three months. If you rarely fire up your oven then cleaning it about once or twice a year should suffice. Of course pay attention to the signs as if something arises, don’t hold off on a cleaning just because it hasn’t been that long since your last one.

The Self-clean cycle on your appliance is ok but not perfect so nine times out of ten people call us out to do a good job. When you press the self-clean button, your oven locks and climbs to a high temperature. This heat helps to melt and remove your grease and grime, but if you have a large amount of buildup on the bottom, it can backfire and smoke up—and in some cases, start a fire.

If you do decide to go for the self-clean option then you will want to remove the racks first and clean those yourself in a sink with a wire wool. The self clean cycle takes about two hours and you should stay at home while it does its job, just in case anything goes wrong. When it’s over, you’ll see a white ash at the bottom that you’ll need to remove once the oven cools.

How do we actually do it? We use the strongest but safest chemicals money can buy and onboard dip tanks which are heated to over 100 degrees to clean your racks. Our staff have been trained by the best in the industry and can guarantee their services 100%. We have been providing oven clean service in Southampton for countless years with thousands of happy customers and we can prove it, Just ask our staff to show you our reviews and social media comments.

Things to remember

Just remember there are a number of tell tale signs it may be time to give your oven the clean it deserves, such as the general appearance of the appliance. Do you notice crust or residue on the bottom or is the door coated or splattered in grease or grime. Then what about the odor. When you fire up your oven, does a distinct smell arise. Catching a stinky whiff before you cook anything means there’s lingering grease and grime, dirt or food inside. And what about smoke. A clean oven shouldn’t have smoke bellowing out, so this can also signify buildup of the stuff that you need to call us for.

We advise to stay away from the oven cleaning soak bags as they tend to damage the welds on the racks and we have even seen them disintegrate the rack entirely. The chemicals are usually so corrosive that people often have chemical burns and damaged pieces of oven.

As you can see we are good at what we do, So just give us a shout to book in your oven clean asap. When we are finished with your pristine gleaming oven we clean the floor and cupboards and surfaces near or around the appliance as we never leave the place a mess. Now that’s what i call tlc oven cleaning right there.

tlc oven cleaning

TLC Oven Cleaning