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What do oven cleaning companies use

What do oven cleaning companies use to clean oven’s? That is the most common thing our oven cleaning staff are asked when at a customers property, Usually ‘what chemical do you use?’, Naturally the operatives do know as to stay within the COSHH regulations they need to know what they are working with, However they try not to advise the customer as they would be out of a job fairly quickly, Not only that but it is not financially worth the customer buying their own specialist chemical at a cost of nearly £50 for a 5 litre of the chemical which most oven cleaning companies water down anyway to save money. Even if we did tell everyone what chemicals we use, it would not help with the racks, trays, fans, etc as they need to go into a pre heated dip tank to clean. most customers may say that they can just use the cleaning bags that come with kits from the supermarket but beware that we have seen first hand skin burns, damaged floors and worktops and even on one occasion is disintegrated the gas hob bits into dust.

what do oven cleaning companies use

But as you have come to our oven cleaning blog post seeking the answer to exactly what is in oven cleaning chemicals then we will tell you. Oven cleaning companies typically use a variety of chemicals to effectively clean and sanitise ovens. The specific chemicals used can vary depending on the company and the type of oven being cleaned. Some common chemicals that are used include:

  1. Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) also known as lye, is a strong alkali that is commonly used in oven cleaning solutions. It is effective at breaking down grease and food residue, but it can be corrosive and caustic, so it should be handled with care.
  2. Citrus-based solvents: These are cleaning solutions that are derived from citrus fruits and are known for their grease-cutting properties. They are generally considered to be less harsh and more environmentally friendly than traditional oven cleaning chemicals.
  3. Enzymes: These are biological cleaning agents that are designed to break down proteins and starches. They are effective at breaking down food residue and are considered to be safe and non-toxic.
  4. Acids: Some oven cleaning companies use acids such as phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, or sulfuric acid to remove tough stains and mineral buildup. These chemicals are effective but can be corrosive and should be used with caution.
  5. Detergents: Detergents are also commonly used by oven cleaning companies. They are effective at breaking down grease and food residue, but they can leave a residue if not rinsed thoroughly.

It’s important to note that some oven cleaning companies may use a combination of these chemicals in their cleaning solutions, and the use of some chemicals may vary depending on the location and regulations. It’s also important to make sure that the oven cleaning company you choose uses environmentally friendly and safe chemicals like us.