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appliance care

If you have a Curry’s care plan then click the link below to access your more expensive plan…

appliance care plan

Our Appliance Care Plan

We are one of the leading suppliers to Currys PC World in the south of the UK but now we also offer an appliance care plan ourselves from a more personal company with a direct line to book the valet service.

There is no denying that a service plan from a big retailer is great but ask yourself if you like being on hold for over an hour or having companies that do not arrive. We guarantee arrival or a discount on your next year’s care plan. If you are ever unhappy with the service we provide then you can contact our regulator here.

What you can do

What you need to do yourself is follow our guidance below.

So as you may know with your washing machine and dishwasher, Dirt, limescale, oils, and residual laundry products can be left behind in the drum, pipes, and door seal. This accumulation acts as a breeding ground for bacteria and as such the resulting odor will be particularly apparent in warm weather. There has been a trend towards washing at lower temperatures, largely for environmental reasons, although this can make the problem worse. High-temperature washes help remove build-up and kill bacteria, so you should occasionally consider doing a separate whitewash at a high temperature. You may also want to run a cap full of bleach through an empty machine on a hot wash but no more than a cap as it will start to foam out of the door or drawer.

To clean and maintain your fridge freezer you need to start by removing the shelves and drawers and leaving them to soak in a sink full of hot, soapy water. If you have glass shelves, be careful not to make the water too hot, or they may crack especially after they have come out of a cold fridge. You then need to give the interior and outside a thorough clean. If you happen to have a stainless steel fridge freezer then take care not to scratch the steel with wire wools or scourer pads. If it is a chest freezer then firstly turn off the electricity supply and take out all the frozen food. Remove ice trays, shelves, and drawers, and bring them to room temperature before cleaning so you don’t risk cracking them with hot water. Thoroughly clean the inside of the freezer with a cloth or sponge, then dry, using kitchen paper or a clean tea towel. Wash drawers, shelves, and ice trays in soapy water, then dry and place them back. Turn the freezer back on until it reaches the correct temperature again.


Any Appliance, Any Age £69 Per Year

What you get with us…

  • Warranty on the Appliance
  • Valeting Service once a year
  • Advice from an engineer themselves
  • Never on hold on the phone

Appliance Care Valet

Our appliance valet service includes the checking over and cleaning of an appliance. Specifically, if it is an Oven then our operative will take the oven apart and deep clean it like new and check all is working. If it’s a fridge they will use anti-bacterial cleansers to clean the internals of the fridge freezer, temperature check, and defrost if needed. All other appliances will have the filters cleaned, Descaler runs through and the outsides of machines cleaned.

Appliance Repair

The appliance repair side of the plan will cover any problem with any appliance. It covers our engineer attending to your property, finding the issue, and fixing it. We cover the parts, the labour, and the hassle. But why choose us, Well the main reason is you get to talk to real people and not an automated telephone option service and no staying on hold. We aim to put the customer’s needs first so if your appliance breaks down, We know that you can live a comfortable life without it so we will do everything in our power to get to you asap.

appliance valet by the oven cleaners

Clean Only

If you only want the clean then just click here and contact our cleaning team.

Most appliances can be bought back up to almost looking new again.

Repair Only

Only a repair is needed, Then call us for us to send an engineer out to you for only £39. They will stay until the problem is found.

Valet Only

Only the Valet Checkover so you get clean and the check over, This service is also £39.

Just tell us below, What Appliance you have, Your address and postcode, and a representative will contact you shortly.

The Small print

  1. You are only permitted to one valet per year.
  2. There is a fair usage policy on callouts to a maximum of 3 a year.
  3. You cannot claim on the repair plan until after having the policy for at least 3 weeks.
  4. The plans do not cover accidental damage
  5. On ovens, the plans are void if you use caustic chemicals or if white residue is found
  6. The plan does not cover cosmetic damage
  7. The plan covers up to £100 of parts per year, Over this amount would be chargeable.