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currys care plan

Currys Care Plan

We supply Currys Care Plan to their customers for their care plans but only in the south of the UK. All valeting requests must be booked through Currys or Knowhow first.

How to Book a Currys Valet?

There are a number of ways to book your appliance valet, For example you could call ‘Knowhow’ direct on 0344 561 1234 and also on 0344 561 4000 at the time of this article, The Best way to book a currys knowhow appliance valeting service is by clicking the link and filling out the form. be sure to have your name, Address, Contact number, Agreement number, Appliance serial number and make and model ready.

Remember we do not have a secret phone number to get through to them quicker, We have to call the same number as you, But you can request us to be the valeter of your choice, Just ask them for ‘The Oven Cleaners’ run by Zena based in Southampton. We personally cover all SO, SP, BH, PO, DT Postcodes.

If you want to buy Our Care Plan…

If you are already a customer of a Currys care plan then you may already know that Currys have changed its care plans to only include one valet clean for free once only for the whole length of the package, We can carry on the plan direct with ourselves if you so wish, By doing this you would always speak to a human operator on the phone and never be put on hold again and you are safe in the knowledge that we will arrive. You will get the service 10% cheaper by coming to us direct and receive the service much quicker.

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