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Carpet Cleaning Services

How much do Carpet Cleaning Services Cost?

On average Carpet Cleaning Services cost between £20 – £100 per room and usually with a minimum of two to three rooms to make it worthwhile attending the property. Bear in mind that at the lower end of the scale you will more than likely get a one man band who is not qualified in carpet extraction cleaning and who may turn up with a Vax or Rug Doctor and use random chemicals. You want to aim for a professional with a qualification, insurance and a high end professional extraction machine, Why? Just see below…

Can I use the cheapest carpet cleaner services?

We would advise against that as Carpet Cleaning is not simply a case of using a machine with a shampoo to get a stain out as, In the moment it may look and smell better but if you do not bring your carpets PH level back to neutral then you will suffer ‘Carpet Browning’ will is not reversible and you will need to buy a new carpet. A professional, will pre spray with a alkali, then use a machine to spray an acid to balance the floor back to neutral. As with stains on a carpet, Only call a professional as once you try and remove it yourself and then call someone in, Their chemicals will react with whatever you used to try a rid the stain and it will actually make it worse. You can always contact our carpet cleaning team for advice anytime you like and we will do our best to help you.