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A Guide to the best cleaning products available.

Take our word for it as we have years of experience in using all kinds of different cleaning products including supermarket bought chemicals. Most consumers are trying to play their part in helping the environment reduce plastic waste and make the planet greener, Whether it’s by swapping spray bottles for glass or replacing disposable kitchen sponges with reusable cloths which is great and we commend you for that but there are many other things we can do that will have a positive impact on the environment and our planet. Many are aware of the effects of plastic, however, may not be aware of the impact harsh cleaning chemicals have on our environment. So, we have created a list of the top eco friendly cleaning products which can help in your pursuit in cleaning your oven. But before we dive into the list of cleaning products, Let’s first ask how the cleaning products actually affect our environment? The biggest environmental impact of cleaning products comes from the chemicals which they contain as many high street cleaning products contain toxic chemicals, In the United Kingdom chemicals are not regulated like foods are so we are essentially damaging the world and our own health. Just take the weed killer that customers proved caused cancer. The chemicals for oven cleaning are used to break down grease and grime, to produce good cleaning results. However, scientists suggest that these chemicals may pollute streams and rivers and may take a long time to degrade. Some cleaning chemicals may not break down at all and may enter the food chain, being eaten by aquatic creatures and perhaps eventually by humans.

Our list of the safest cleaning products we have found so far…

  1. The cheeky panda biodegradable anti-bacterial surface wipes: these wipes are perfect for cleaning in a hurry, they are 100% biodegradable and contain 99% purified water, That is a safe product right there.
  2. Smol surface reusable spray bottles: These bottles are a fantastic way to reduce plastic, you simply buy the bottle once, keep and reuse it forever, Once you have the bottle, all you need to do is buy re-fills of Smols toxic-free concentrated surface cleaner.
  3. Colt and Willow, the bumper pack: This bundle of products are all completely natural, whilst smelling beautiful with a variety of different fragrances. The pack includes an all-purpose Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Washing Up Liquid, Wonder Scrub Bicarb Cream Cleaner and Potty Spray. It’s the perfect option if you are looking to have all your eco-friendly products in one place.
  4. Floral Starter Kit – Eco-Concentrate Surface Cleaner: This all-natural surface cleaner is designed to transform your home, its beautiful floral aroma makes it a great choice for those who love a sweet scent. The glass bottle is to be used for life, reducing plastic waste. Refills of the delicious smelling cleaner can be purchased when you run out.
  5. ECO DISHCLOTHS: These super-absorbent, eco-friendly cloths are completely compostable and dishwasher friendly. Just pop them in the dishwasher to clean and they can be re-used over and over again. They also come in some really colourful fun designs.

There you have, Our definitive list of the best and safest cleaning products. But if you still find it a struggle to clean your own oven then just give us a shout and we can tackle it for you.

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