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Oven Light Bulb

Has your oven light bulb blown or is the bulb cover too dirty? Either way, You need to know how to take it out without damaging the oven or even worse cutting your hands open, Like I did couple of years ago. I was working with one of my colleagues conducting an oven cleaning service in Southampton and even with my 15 years of experience I started to try to unscrew the bulb cover to replace the bulb but it shattered in my hand, now it did not break into little cubes like safety glass or a shower door would, No, It broke into hairline strands of glass, The worst kind and split open my hand between the thumb and index finger. I had to have it washed out as glass strands ended inside my hand, then I had it stitched and could not use my hand for at least two weeks. You do not realise how difficult it is to live life without the use of your main hand, I couldn’t even wipe my arse properly, ha, ha. The oven light bulb cover below is the particular one that exploded in my hand just from a slight twist to unscrew it, In the picture is a tool that can be used to unscrew these types of bulb covers, However even that is not perfect as in 90% of ovens with this type tend to seize the bulb cover in there due to the metal thread around it heating up and cooling down. we usually have to smash them out with a hammer whilst wearing gloves and replace it.

oven light bulb

Most oven bulbs are the screw type and usually blow from usual use and time and heat. Fridge bulbs look exactly the same so make sure you use the correct one which is heat resistant or it will pop or explode when you heat the oven up. Do not think you can spray WD40 or another penetrating spray at the bulb to loosen it up as it may catch fire or short the wiring behind. Speaking of the wiring behind, It can also melt over time and need replacing, hiring a handyman can usually help fix that, If not then we can help.