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We know the guys and girls from ovenu are amazing and we like to take a leaf out of their book and give our customers the same level of professional standards. We have been cleaning ovens for over 15 years and use the best state of the art equipment in the world to get ovens cleaned much faster than normal. We also do carpet cleaning in the area of Southampton.


Why we are as good as ovenu

We pride ourselves in our workmanship, so once we arrive at your property we will lay a protective covering to protect your floor, then all removable parts we be removed from the oven such as shelves, racks, and fan back plate, and all will be placed into a specialist dip tank in the van. We will then use eco-friendly products to thoroughly clean your oven removing all grease and burnt-on carbon and bringing it back to its original shine. We will then remove all your oven parts from the dip tank and give them a thorough clean with water to wash off any chemical residue. Your oven is then put back together and ready to use straight away. So as you can see our oven cleaning process is just like ovenu in every way. We are also regulated by an overseer to ensure the highest quality service is provided at all times. As one of the leading domestic oven cleaning companies, with a wealth of experience, we provide a superior, professional oven cleaning service for both new and existing customers throughout the south of the united kingdom. Using our specially formulated products, together with the most comprehensive cleaning techniques, allows our technicians to remove the build-up of carbon and grease in under 2 hours. Using our modern electric decarbonising solution dip tank, means that most of the dirty work is carried out away from the kitchen, leaving just the shell of the oven and hob to clean. Our aim is to return your oven to the new condition along with any other kitchen appliance such as extractor fan, microwaves and other appliances.

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